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How to get a government job easily: Step-by-Step Guide & Resource

Many of us dream of working for people in positions of power and responsibility. It doesn’t get much better than working at the highest level of government, right? You get stability, a well-paying job, and security in your career.

However, getting into a government job is not as hard as people make it out to be.

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You may not be a top scorer or have the right college degree but that does not mean you cannot get a government job. Government jobs are very competitive and this is because of an acute shortage of qualified applicants

Fortunately, there are ways to get into a government job easily. This article will help you get a government job easily by outlining several steps that you need to take.

1. Choose your field

First things first. You need to choose a field that interests you. You can’t try to get into a high-level job in your desired field. For example, you can’t apply for a CBI Officer position if you’re not interested in law enforcement. You also can’t apply for an IBPS PO position if you don’t like numbers.

The first thing you need to do is assess your interests. What do you like? What do you want to do with your life? Are you interested in science, sports, or arts? When you know yourself, you can choose a field that fits your interests and personality.

2. Know The Selection Process

The next step is to know what goes into the process of getting into a govt job in 2022. The hiring procedures vary from department to department. However, most hire through a process called “key hiring,” where agencies identify high-priority positions and then conduct a more selective hiring process for those positions. The hiring process varies by agency. Some agencies conduct interviews and some research and screen applications online. The hiring process may include a screening interview, background checks, and an interview with an Assistant Director. Exams can have more or less the following stages:

  • Preliminary Written Exam
  • Main Written Exam
  • Personal Interview
  • Physical / Medical Test

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B.King

3. Prepare according to the syllabus and exam pattern

Next, you need to prepare based on the syllabus and exam pattern of the job you’re applying for. You can’t show up and wing it during an interview. You need to know what to expect. The best way to do this is to study the syllabus and exam pattern of the job you’re applying for. Do your research, study the exam pattern and syllabus, and find out what’s expected. You can also ask other job aspirants so you can get a better idea of what’s expected in an interview. Some job seekers are more inclined to share this type of information.

“Don’t let What you cannot do interfere with What you can do.” – John Wooden

4. Keep a lookout for job notifications

Finally, you need to keep a lookout for job openings and apply when you see an appropriate vacancy. You can find online job openings, in newspapers, and in career websites. Be sure to check the hiring agency’s website. If in case, you can also reach out to hiring managers and hiring agency representatives. Keep a lookout for job openings that are relevant to your field, interests, and experience.

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5. Plan your study-schedule wisely

This is the most important step in preparing for government jobs. To prepare for govt job exams, you must consider the subjects and syllabus, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your command of math is below average, you should devote more time to studying that subject; if you are more confident in the language portion, you can devote that time to improving other subjects. To pass the government exam, you must create a personalized study plan.

List of competitive exams for government jobs

UPSC Examinations List:

  • UPSC – Civil Services Exam
  • UPSC – Indian Forest Service Exam
  • UPSC – NDA & NA Exam
  • UPSC – C.D.S. Exam
  • UPSC – Combined Geo-Scientist
  • UPSC – Combined Medical Services Exam

SSC Examinations List:

  • SSC – CGL Exam
  • SSC – Selection Post Examination Phase CBE
  • SSC – Sub-Inspector Exam
  • SSC – Scientific Assistant Exam
  • SSC – Jr Engineer Exam

Banking Examinations List:

  • Specialist Officer Exam
  • IBPS Clerk Exam
  • Office Assistants and Officer Scale Exam
  • IBPS PO Exam
  • SBI PO Exam

Railways Examinations List:

  • Group D (Level 1) Exam
  • NTPC CBT Exam
  • Ministerial & Isolated Categories – Teaching Skill & Performance Exam

Apart from the above, there are various state govt jobs released and regulated by different states of India on a timely basis.

Bottom Line

The best way to get into a government job is to choose a field that you love and then prepare for the job based on the syllabus and exam pattern of the job you’re applying for. Keep a lookout for job openings and apply when you see an appropriate vacancy.

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